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Lightning Protection

SWLP are able to offer a full installation and testing service, including:

BSEN62305 systems (Design, Installation and Testing)

BS6651 Upgrades

NFC 17 102 Early Streamer Emission Systems

BS7430 Earthing systems

Working throughout the UK we are able to assist you on you project requirements, regardless of where you are located  

Lightning protection Testing

Section 5 of Electricity at Work Act 1989 states that all lightning conductors and earth grounding installations should be visually inspected and tested at regularly fixed intervals, preferably not exceeding 12 months, although we recommend the interval should be slightly shorter than one year in order to vary the season in which testing takes place over time. This counters the effect of ambient temperature and other seasonal factors on readings from the installation. We record all test conditions and results, and a reminder is sent out before the next test is due.